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Sterner Automation assembly products include both standard and custom solutions for both the automotive and electronics industries. For the electronics industry, Sterner Automation has developed a line of products named igentic®. These products include a variety of hardware and software solutions that are focused on poka yoking and error proofing manual assembly.

The igentic® line of assembly products are designed to help build in quality while still maintaining lean manufacturing principles. This has been accomplished by migrating the desirable features of automated assembly into the realm of manual assembly. These include features such as traceability, process control, mistake-proofing and recipe selection.

Examples of our products for electronics assembly include the igentic® software platform with plug-and-play hardware components such as smart arms, tool position feedback systems, operator instruction interfaces, smart bins, and scanners. Custom components may be designed to suit specific customer needs.

Varying degrees of automation can be applied to an assembly process. For pre-existing processes that require an additional level of quality control, fastening stations can be augmented with standalone position feedback or hyperlink torque control can be added to existing operator instruction sets. For new manual assembly processes that require tight quality control, assembly stations such as the igentic® 551i provide all the functionality necessary.

Sterner Automation is always developing new technologies in the areas of assembly. Contact us to find out what advanced technologies we could apply to your assembly process.

The igentic® 313i guides your operators through each step of the assembly process with an interactive electronic and visual check system, ensuring your operators can consistently deliver the quality needed to meet the highest of standards.

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Sterner Automation is pleased to introduce the igentic® 531i, the first fully integrated error-proofing system designed for manual component assembly and box build requirements.

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Sterner Automation is pleased to offer the igentic® 551i multi-station error proofing system designed for manual component assembly and box build requirements.

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