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"The high level of creative energy among the staff at Sterner Automation, as well as their personal pride in the equipment's performance, has been obvious and very gratifying to be a part of…Job well done!"

Brad B, Manufacturing Engineer with an automotive interiors supplier


"I would love to show your technology to others as we are very pleased with your equipment, the technical support we receive and the excellent relationship we have built with your staff through this project. Perhaps you can share these comments with your potential customer in lieu of a visit to our facility."

Steve B, Engineering Manager with a leading seating systems supplier


"From the beginning of my working relationship with Sterner Automation in February 2003, I have found your company and all of the employees with whom I have worked to be among the best I have experienced during my 40 years in the automotive industry. Honesty, integrity, and quality are words that come quickly to mind. Sterner Automation’s operating principles that you shared with me are an excellent description of my experience with your company. In every situation I have observed quality in planning, design, and execution of your projects; helping your customer fine tune requirements and specifications to maximize efficiency and reduce costs, maintaining project schedules and budgets, being accessible to answer questions, and instilling confidence that the project will be done right. In fact, I have told others that if Sterner Automation is handling one part of my project then that is the part that I don’t have to worry about; it will be done according to plan and will meet or exceed my expectations without question. Having some of Sterner Automation’s equipment in production continuously since June 2004, and bringing new equipment on line every year since, I can equally attest to the durability and reliability of your products in every aspect – hardware, software, and support. You have never let me down or put the end user in a situation where their production was at risk due to equipment failure. I have no better way to summarize my satisfaction with your company than to say I will not hesitate, indeed I will be very pleased, to work with your company on any of my projects in the future."

Nick A, Senior Project Engineer with a multinational Tier-1 automotive parts supplier


"If I haven't said this already, we really appreciate your questions and observations. Your comments have been very insightful, and will hopefully help us put out the best product possible."

Scott C, Product Manager with a multinational Tier-1 automotive parts supplier

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