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Your PCB Manual Assembly Solution

The continued trend toward greater product complexity and zero defect production is increasing demands on electronics assembly personnel. Sterner Automation's new igentic® 313i, the first in a series of intelligent electronic instruments, is specially designed to address these complex printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and testing requirements. The igentic® 313i guides your operators through each step of the assembly process with an interactive electronic and visual check system, ensuring your operators can consistently deliver the quality needed to meet the highest of standards.

The igentic® 313i has the Flexibility to Meet All Your Assembly Needs

  • Configurable test station is specially engineered for the verification of light emitting diodes (LEDs), resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors, ensuring that the system can handle the majority of manually assembled parts
  • Add-on custom station can be integrated and tooled for other component requirements
  • Test-to-light system guarantees the correct part type and orientation prior to part insertion
  • Unique integrating sphere maximizes the reliability of LED colour and intensity verification
  • Flexible ergonomic layout and bracket system accommodates diverse operator needs
  • Simple to retrieve transactional work instructions (TWI), featuring error-proofing logic, guarantee assembly operations are completed correctly and in sequence
  • Foot pedal program advance, ensures operators can maintain efficiency
  • Plug-and-play connectors with pick-to-light cable system allow for the integration of existing component bins
  • User-friendly software utilizes colour-coded pictorial templates to assist in the rapid programming of instruction sets
  • All software is compatible with standard Windows operating systems and industry peripherals allowing for simple integration with existing work stations
  • Optional PCB barcode scanning and operator identification provide product traceability
  • Multi-language compatibility meets global corporate requirements

The igentic® 313i Delivers Reliable Single Piece Build

  • Provides versatility, allowing for use in kitting, new product introduction (NPI), assembly and rework applications
  • Improves overall product quality and customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates just-in-time delivery and single piece build
  • Increases profitability by maximizing first pass yields
  • Shortens the time needed for new product introduction
  • Reduces setups and assembler training
  • Easily justified based on multi-application capabilities and overall value

This intuitive system gives you error-free production, maximum flexibility and enhanced profitability through all stages of your production cycle.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation igentic® solutions into your production process today!






Station type


Module 1


·         Resistors

·         Capacitors

·         Small footprint inductors

Module 2


·         LEDs

Module 3


·         Transistors

·         Diodes

Module 4


·         Large footprint electrolytic capacitors

·         SIP resistors

·         Other custom components


Performance Characteristics

LED Testing

·         Tests standard intensity and ultra-bright LEDs

·         Verification of anode/cathode orientation

·         Forward voltage (0 to 10 V) with 0.5% basic accuracy

·         Colour comparison in the visible light spectrum using HSL colour space

·         Forward test current is adjustable between 0 mA to 50 mA in 1 mA steps

·         T 1 ¾ (5 mm) and T 1 (3 mm)

·         Square LEDs with maximum 8 × 8 mm body

Transistor Testing

·         NPN and PNP transistors

·         VCE, VEB, VCB, IB, IC, and HFE with the basic accuracy of 0.5%

·         C, B, E pin detection of switching, GP amplifier, and high-frequency transistors

·         MT-1, MT-2, MT-3, MT-4, TO-92, TO-218, TO-220, TO-225, TO-247, TO-264 transistor packages

·         Maximum pin diameter 0.863 mm (0.034") (Can be customized for larger pin diameters)

Diode testing

·         Silicon and germanium diodes

·         Anode/cathode orientation

·         Forward voltage (0 to 10 V) with 0.5% basic accuracy

·         Zener voltage measurements up to 20 V with 0.5% basic accuracy

·         Maximum forward test current of 10 mA

·         Diode packages C-16, DO-15, DO-35, DO-41, DO-201, DO-204, DOP-31, SOD-93, T-18 and any two lead axial package with the maximum pre-formed lead spacing of 28 mm

Resistor Testing

·         Resistors of value between 1 Ω and 10 MΩ with 3% basic accuracy

·         Axial body type with lead spacing of 28 mm maximum

Capacitor Testing

·         Radial and axial lead capacitors of values between 10 pF and 2200μF can be tested with 3% basic accuracy

·         Maximum lead spacing of 28 mm


Software Systems

  • Microsoft PowerPoint based programmable software – minimum version 2000
  • Minimum operating system – Windows 2000


Mechanical Systems


·         Heavy-duty

·         Durable powder coat finish

·         Integrated brackets for slide line or conveyor mounting

Test sockets

·         Precision quick-change

·         Stainless steel compliant contacts

Custom module

·         Heavy-duty

·         Powder coat finish

·         Coupling system for integration with main test station


Service Support

  • All instrumentation and software are programmed and tested prior to shipment
  • Electronic operator manual and instructions are included for reference
  • 24-7 emergency service hotline ensures maximum support


Interface Requirements

  • Power requirement – 100-240 VAC auto-switching, 3 A, 50-60 Hz external desktop power supply
  • USB computer communications interface



  • System compatible integrated PC and touch screen display
  • Interface barcode scanner for part and assembler badge identification
  • Lead trim and forming module
  • Replacement pick-to-light cables and test sockets
  • Customized data collection and factory information system (FIS) integration







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