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Flexible PCB Testing

Growing demand for light emitting diode (LED) products and increasing testing complexity continue to challenge electronic printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers.

The igentic® 621t is a flexible PCB tester that ensures quality while increasing production. The tester can handle multiple PCB products and test for light measurements, resistance and push button or post detection, as required.

The igentic® 621t Video

The igentic® 621t Tests and Packages PCBs

  • Functional test requirements (resistance, current, voltage, relay) can be integrated based on customer specifications
  • Multiple test heads support multiple product families
  • Industry standard conveyor, with SMEMA interface and precision lift-and-locate station, for inline integration and rapid reconfiguration for a wide variety of products
  • Optional integrated marking systems for part identification
  • Separate reject conveyor isolates failed parts
  • Optimized gantry system places passed parts directly into packaging trays
  • Multi-language compatibility, remote monitoring and 24-7 support ensure global corporate requirements are met

The igentic® 621t Increases Quality and Throughput

  • Increases efficiency by combining testing and packaging in one system
  • Provides flexibility with multiple testing stations
  • Reduces operator intervention for part changeover
  • Decreases testing time while increasing testing capabilities
  • Separates passed and failed parts to ensure quality

This intelligent production line system can deliver the process controls needed to meet global quality standards.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation igentic® solutions into your production process today!



Performance Characteristics

Resistance Measurement

·         Up to 32 measurement points

·         0 to 20 kΩ with 0.5% accuracy

Shorts Detection

·         < 5 Ω considered a short

·         1V short detection

·         10 mA test current max.

Push Buttons/Post Detection

·         Up to 3 actuators available

·         4.5 N of force min. available to actuate push buttons

Colour and Intensity Measurement

·         Up to 7 light sources

·         Hue, Saturation and Light (HSL) format

·         Up to 16 V and 500 mA

Mechanical Systems

Frame and Guarding

·         Heavy duty

·         ESD safe Lexan


·         SMEMA compatible

·         Adjustable width

Part Handler

·         Modular for different part design

·         Part cycle time under 10 s

Electrical Systems


·         Pulse motors with absolute encoders

·         Up to 300 mm/s

·         Modular controller suited to load requirements


1769-L32E CompactLogix5332E Controller, Ethernet/IP


2711P-K4M20D PanelView+ 400 Mono, No Touch, Ethernet/IP

Fieldbus Node

Remote IO over Ethernet/IP

Software Systems


·         Supports multiple products and product families

·         Part number barcode scan loads appropriate recipe settings


·         Designed to CSA, ANSI/RIA and OSHA Safety Standards

·         Programmable safety controller monitors all safeguarding devices

·         Easy-access interlocked Lexan guard doors and enclosure

·         Lockable emergency stop button

Service Support

  • All equipment and software is programmed and tested prior to shipment
  • Electronic operator manual and instructions are included for reference
  • 24-7 emergency service hotline for maximum support

Interface requirements

  • Power source – 120 VAC, single phase, 15 A
  • Factory unlubricated air – 5.5 bar (80 psi)


  • Up to 5 test heads available
  • Packaging tray return to in-feed side for operator convenience
  • Packaging tray out-feed accumulation
  • Electro-mechanical, inkjet or laser marking systems available for part identification
  • Stepper axis for flexible part marking location
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