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Changing the Rules for PCB Testing

Electronics customers require greater test flexibility to address the growing trend towards high-mix, low-volume printed circuit board (PCB) production. Sterner Automation is pleased to introduce the igentic® 421t, the next generation of automated test solution specially engineered to address these challenges. The igentic® 421t provides the flexibility, reliability and efficiency needed in one standard platform, allowing our customers to test multiple PCB's and significantly reduce individual product testing costs.

The igentic® 421t Video

The igentic® 421t Handles Multiple Product and Test Requirements

  • Sterner's advanced platform design, featuring a precision turntable, provides for multiple part production and simultaneous test function
  • Custom engineered quick-change nests with barcode identification allow for easy product change-over without the need for special tools
  • High-speed 4-axis programmable SCARA robot and custom end-of-arm-tooling conduct functional tests, accurate laser height measurements and LED colour and luminous intensity verification
  • Robust measurement board, combined with a precise auto-connect system, performs full function testing including resistance, current, voltage and relay
  • Precise automatic gauging system verifies pin straightness
  • Micro laser etching of the date code, incremental serial number and pass or fail marks guarantee accurate sorting
  • Flexible pick and place module sorts and presents good parts to the operator
  • 2D barcode scanner and factory information system (FIS) integration, provide product and operator traceability
  • User-friendly PLC controls ensure reliable integrated functionality and simplified programming
  • Ergonomic layout features enhanced system access and allows for ease of maintenance
  • Multi-language compatibility meets global corporate requirements

The igentic® 421t is a Cost Effective Testing Solution

  • Dramatically improves ROI by handling multiple products on one system
  • Provides for a significantly reduced testing footprint
  • Improves profitability by reducing test cycle time and labour costs
  • Easily programmed and retooled for new products
  • Minimizes setup and downtime

This high-performance automated system meets your current and future production needs.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation igentic® solutions into your production process today!


Performance Characteristics

Standard Test Capabilities

·         Switch function

·         Push button function

·         LED function

·         Shorts between pins

·         Open circuits

·         Resistances

·         Electronic circuit function

Measurement Capabilities

·         LED color and intensity from 390 nm to 780 nm

·         Part height measurements with up to 3mm accuracy

·         Feature presence detection

·         Device-under-test (DUT) electrical tests with 15 software configurable pins

o        Variable voltage from 1 - 20 V, current limit from 0.05 - 0.7 A

o        Resistor measurement from 30 Ω - 20 kΩ with resolution of 1% of full scale or better

o        Ground connection

·         DUT differential voltage measurement of 0 - 15 V or 0 - 0.5 V on additional pins with a measurement precision of 0.5% of full scale or better


Mechanical Systems


·         Heavy duty

·         Durable powder coat finish


·         90° rotary

·         DC controller


·         Precision machined

·         Aluminium quick-change nests

·         Durable pin attachments

End of arm tool

·         Pressure regulated

·         Precision light tube and contact pins


·         Pneumatic slide tables


·         Adjustable


Electrical Systems


·         With software programmable measurement board


·         Operator guided testing process

·         Test results for immediate process control

·         Test limit modifications through a password protected maintenance page


·         4-axis SCARA servo

·         2900 mm/s (9.51 ft/s)

·         0.008 mm repeatability

Part Marker

·         Co2 laser

·         Print area of 50 mm × 80 mm (2” × 3”)


Safety Systems

  • Designed to CSA, ANSI/RIA and OSHA Safety Standards
  • Easy-access interlocked ESD-safe Lexan guard doors and enclosure
  • Category 4 light curtains with muting at operator load station
  • Lockable emergency-stop button


Interface Requirements

  • Power source – 120/208 VAC, 3 phase, 5 wire, 30 A
  • Factory unlubricated dry air – 5.5 bar (80 psi)


Service Support

  • All equipment is programmed, tested and approved prior to shipment
  • Operators manual (CD and hard copy), complete drawing sets and spare parts lists are included for reference
  • 24-7 emergency service, online equipment monitoring, history databases and preventative maintenance programs ensure maximum support



  • Additional testing and validation capabilities
    • Radio frequency (RF) device emulation and testing
    • Audio testing
    • All automotive protocol communications
    • ECU flash or EEPROM programming
  • PC-based control logic with teachable interface
  • Custom quick-change nests using single minute exchange of die (SMED) techniques and product programming
  • Dual axis auto-connect for board interfacing
  • Automated interface modules including robotic handling and packaging
  • Customized data collection and factory information system (FIS) integration








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