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Sterner Automation Sets a New Standard for OCS Testing

Critical occupant classification system (OCS) technologies continue to change, putting new demands on today's automotive seating manufacturers. Sterner Automation is committed to meeting these requirements by being the first to provide advanced solutions such as our unique thump zeroing drop machine (TZDM). This automated inline testing solution, combined with a Sterner interface box (SIB), provides the critical link needed to efficiently handle testing and reporting on these high performance systems any where in the world.

The TZDM Reliably Calibrates Every OCS Equipped Seating System

  • Unique parallel seat transfer module accepts single or double build pallets and automatically engages the seat pallet during transfer, reducing tester footprint and cycle time
  • High-speed laser-based gauging system verifies seat type and position prior to testing
  • Integrated daughter pallet design allows for efficient retrieval of the seat from the build pallet and accurate placement on the shock testing platform
  • Heavy-duty reinforced shock-testing module featuring a floor direct impact design and sound reducing contact pads, minimizing unwanted system vibration and noise
  • Direct drive machined cam lift system allows for high efficiency shock testing
  • Mechanical over-center locking clamps with customized tooling ensure accurate and reliable seat positioning during testing
  • Accelerometer-based shock monitoring ensures each test cycle is within specification
  • Precision-guided vertical weight placement system with forward-aft positioning provides accurate placement and retrieval of calibrated load form during test cycling
  • PLC based controls and Panelview Plus human machine interface (HMI) meet plant specified requirements
  • Ergonomically designed safety systems allow for efficient operation and easy access
  • Sterner's universal interface box (SIB) provides seamless communication between the electronic control unit (ECU) and tester
  • Local database storage and factory information system (FIS) integration meets traceability requirements
  • Modem or Ethernet remote access allows for immediate diagnostics and 24/7 support
  • Optional industrial grade auto-connect system reduces direct labour and cycle time
  • Available full line of standard and custom connectors meet any program requirements

The TZDM is an Efficient High Value Solution

  • Provides seamless integration and system launch through proven design and extensive OCS expertise
  • Reduces costs and cycle time by integrating handling and testing in one station
  • Minimizes footprint by using an integrated parallel pallet transfer system
  • Delivers immediate test results both locally and at the factory information system level

This integrated production line system can meet your OCS test needs now and in the future.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation OCS solutions into your production process today!



Process Measurements

Deceleration Shock

·         Low mass Endevco accelerometer

·         200 kHz DC amplifier

Seat Position Verification

·         Class 2 laser sensors

·         3 µm resolution

·         50-250 mm range


Mechanical Systems

Steel Structure

·         Heavy-duty

·         3” welded tubular

·         Configured for:

o        Inline or spur line testing

o        Rework stations

o        Audit testing


·         Durable powder coat

·         E-coat and anodized finishes on machine elements

Seat Clamps

·         Destaco over-center lock

·         Shock tolerant fiber optic lock position confirmation

Transfer system

·         Bosch precision rail and ball screw

·         SEW motor component technologies

Electrical Systems


·         Allen Bradley CompactLogix

Operator Interface

·         Panelview Plus


·         PowerFlex700 AC

Electrical approvals

·         CEC

·         NEC


Safety Systems

  • Designed to CSA and OSHA safety standards
  • Quality mesh and extrusion guarding enclosure with optional easy-access category-4 light curtain
  • Control-reliable safeguarding and interlocking with lockable emergency-stop

Interface Requirements 

  • Power source – 460VAC, 3 phase 15A, 60 Hz.
  • Factory unlubricated dry air – 5.5 bar (80 psi)
  • FIS connectivity using Ethernet IP for PLC systems
  • Remote connectivity to control system using analog telephone line and modem or Ethernet


Vehicle Communication Protocols Supported

  • Dual wire and single wire CAN, GMLAN, UART, Class 2/J1850 (VPW), LIN, Keyword 2000

Service Support 

  • All equipment is programmed, tested and approved prior to shipment
  • Operators manual (CD and hard copy), complete drawing sets and spare parts lists are included for reference
  • 24-7 emergency service, online equipment monitoring, history databases and preventative maintenance programs ensure maximum support


  • Auto-connect pallet interface module and pallet modification kits
  • Additional sound abatement options to meet plant specific requirements
  • Manual or fixed barcode scanning and software integration
  • Customized FIS integration or local data-logging software
  • Standard and custom connectors or complete cables to meet program specifications
  • Independent seat position verification stations
  • Seat functional test stations including tests for the following:
    • Airbag and pretensioner resistance
    • Buckle switch continuity
    • Heater and motor current draw; heater temperature controller functionality
    • Seat track, backrest and seat pan motion confirmation








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