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Flexible Testing and Handling for Advanced IC Requirements

Integrated circuit (IC) and micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device manufacturers need to address the challenges of today's global market including increased functionality, speed and complexity while delivering components at reduced costs. Sterner Automation's igentic® 841t automated test systems meet these demanding requirements by providing a flexible platform for comprehensive end-of-line IC and MEMS device handling, testing, grading and packaging. The resulting improvements in quality assurance and process efficiency will maximize customer satisfaction and profitability.

The igentic® 841t Video

The igentic® 841t Efficiently Calibrates, Tests, Grades and Packages Components

  • High-speed programmable servo robot with universal end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) ensures that the system has the flexibility to handle various IC and MEMS packages including QFP, TSOP, BGA and Micro BGA
  • Integrated high performance vision recognition and position correction technology delivers micron accuracy for part handling and placement requirements
  • Highly accurate laser gauging and vision modules verify part features such as missing components, barcodes or contact coplanarity, ensuring that each part meets specification
  • Ergonomically designed base station and guarding system allows for stand-alone tester or conveyor system integration
  • Quick change tooling and modular components facilitate rapid changeovers for different IC products
  • Ideally suited platform for loading and unloading Sterner Automation's Smart Tray, an intelligent, mobile test module that can provide the means to simultaneously test a large number of components under power and in various environments
  • Advanced PC-based control software and intuitive operator interface allow for stand alone cell operation or integration with additional production modules
  • Standard data management software and factory information system (FIS) integration provides full product traceability
  • Remote monitoring, operating and programming software, combined with 24-7 service support ensure global facilities run at maximum efficiency
  • Flexible material handling modules, including industry standard tray, tube and tape systems, are available for efficient cell loading and unloading
  • Additional test, calibration and processing modules can be integrated for full line solutions including thermal cycling, motion calibration and laser marking

The igentic® 841t Assures Product Quality and Throughput

  • Guarantees compliance to stringent quality requirements through advanced calibration, test and product traceability methods
  • Improves cycle time by automating handling processes and providing for mass test
  • Provides flexibility through advanced component and programming design features
  • Reduces capital investment by allowing for individual cell integration and expansion over time

This reliable automated test platform provides the versatility needed to meet ever changing global quality standards.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation igentic® solutions into your production process today!



Performance Characteristics

Product Component Package Types

·         QFP

·         TSOP

·         BGA

·         Micro BGA

Product Supply and Packaging Options

·         32 mm, 44 mm, 56 mm width tape

·         Tube

·         JDEC tray

·         Matrix trays or boats

Product Feature Testing Options

·         Lead presence and coplanarity using non-contact laser gauging

·         1D and 2D barcode presence including direct part marked DPM barcodes

Data Management and Traceability

·         Comprehensive test results tracking

·         Local data storage and FIS integration


Mechanical Systems


·         Heavy duty

·         Module base frame

·         Steel panel

End of Arm Tooling

·         Precision quick change fitting


·         4-axis servo robot

·         Up to 6100 mm/s (20 ft/s)

·         Up to ± 0.020 mm (0.0008”) repeatability


Electrical Systems

Control PC

·         2 Ethernet cards

·         Optional RAID dual hard drive storage

Robot Controller

·         Ethernet port for connection to control PC


·         For controlled shutdown of PC and robot controller


·         Distributed

·         Networked


·         Touch screen

·         Test results for immediate process control

·         Test limit modifications through a password protected maintenance page

Electrical Approvals

·         CEC

·         NEC


Safety Systems

  • Designed to CSA, ANSI/RIA and OSHA Safety Standards
  • Programmable safety controller for monitoring of all safeguarding devices
  • Safety-rated contactors with monitoring contacts
  • Easy access ESD-safe Lexan panel guarding and doors system
  • Lockable emergency stop buttons


Interface Requirements 

  • Power source – 120/208 VAC, 3 phase, 5 wire, 30 A
  • Factory unlubricated dry air – 5.5 bar (80 psi)


Service Support 

  • All equipment is programmed, tested and approved prior to shipment
  • Operators manual (CD and hard copy), complete drawing sets and spare parts lists are included for reference
  • 24-7 emergency service, online equipment monitoring, history databases and preventative maintenance programs ensure maximum support



  • Integral or external product laser marking and verification
  • Fully integrated automated or semi-automated thermal environmental chamber testing
  • Specialized parameter characterization, calibration and verification
  • Optional safety-integrated automated door locks to only allow operator access after robot and all other hazards are confirmed to be safe.







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