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Sterner Automation Delivers Adaptive Automotive Seat Testing
and Calibration Systems

The continued drive towards flexible vehicle production platforms and zero defect requirements are increasing demands on today's automotive seating facilities. Sterner Automation can address these challenges with a full line of occupant classification system (OCS) test solutions including world-class weight drop machines (WDM). This advanced system design can be configured from standard modules that adapt to any material handling system and will dynamically adjust to suit particular seat test parameters. Coupled with a Sterner Automation interface box (SIB), these WDM testers provide our customers with the capability to efficiently adapt, monitor and report on test operations anywhere in the world.

The Sterner WDM Provides Reliable Seat Handling, Testing
and Reporting Functions

  • Modular structural design adapts to all palletized, belt and roller conveyors as well as manual or automated loading systems
  • Standardized handling system automatically engages, positions and secures individual seats ensuring accurate location during the complete test cycle
  • High speed laser based gauging system verifies seat type and position prior to testing
  • High precision vertical servo Z-axis, with low friction single bearing carriage, ensures reliable test results each and every time
  • Manual or servo X-Y axes positioning accommodates precision adjustments needed during set-up and operation
  • High quality integrated load cell allows for accurate carriage weight verification
  • Non-contact linear encoder provides online acceleration and drop distance measurements for each test
  • Custom manufactured, CMM certified B-form meets individual seat specification
  • Optional multi-weight carriage allows for high/low threshold verification
  • User friendly standard PC or PLC based controls and multi-language human machine interface (HMI) meets plant specified requirements
  • Ergonomically designed safety systems allow for efficient operation and easy access
  • Sterner's universal interface box (SIB) provides seamless communication between the electronic control unit (ECU) and the WDM
  • Local database storage and factory information system (FIS) integration meets traceability requirements
  • Optional robust auto-connect systems reduces labour and cycle time
  • Full line of standard and custom connectors are available to meet all major programs

The Sterner WDM Delivers Superior Production Value

  • Provides seamless integration and system launch through proven design and extensive OCS expertise
  • Reduces operating costs by providing reliable trouble free performance
  • Minimizes downtime with remote diagnostics and 24-7 service support
  • Improves return on investment (ROI) by adapting to changes and upgrades

This high-performance end-of-line tester can meet your current and future product test requirements.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation OCS solutions into your production process today!








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