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EOL Tester

Sterner Automation would like to introduce its new end of line (EOL) tester platform. Sterner Automation has been a supplier of calibration and test equipment to the automotive industry for over a decade and is now offering a standard hardware EOL platform that is configurable with a variety of software modules for seating plant applications.


The EOL tester will be controlled by Sterner Automation’s own multi-purpose communications and controls box, the SIB. This sixth generation control system is the result of Sterner’s years of seating plant experience and includes many hardware and software features specific to the needs of automotive assembly plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete Software and Electrical Testing Capabilities
    • Multiple OCS Test Modules
      • Capacitive Sensing
      • Pressure Mat System
      • Seat Frame Structure System
    • Comprehensive Electrical Testing
      • Continuity - Airbag, Pretensioner, Active Headrest, Switches, Indicators, Thermistors
      • Resistance - Seat buckle, Seat Track Position Sensors (2 or 4 Wire)
      • Current Draw - Motors, Heat Elements, Modules
    • Vehicle BUS Communication Support - GMLAN, SingleWire CAN, High/Low Speed CAN, UART, AOS/AOSIL, J1850, LIN, ISO 9141
    • Complete Memory Module and Seat Heat Testing
    • Lifetime Warrantee on all software
  • Local Traceability application included
    • Sterner Automation custom FIS traceability programming available
  • Includes Sterner Interface Box (SIB) - Industrially hardened PC
    • Protection against reversed field power, ESD and shorts
    • ESD suppression network built into communication hardware
    • 16kV total protection and 5kV no interference guarantee
    • Built in AC filter and removable hard drive
    • Internationally rated modem provides remote support and upgrade capability
  • Sterner Automation rugged seat connector
  • XP embedded system increases system stability and minimizes equipment start-up time
  • Includes loader application for software, firmware and tester configuration updates over USB key
  • Modem or Ethernet remote connection provides extended diagnostic support

The Sterner Automation Advantage

  • Assembly plant EOL supplier for over 10 years
  • Sold and serviced hundreds of communication devices worldwide
  • Trusted technology partner to several global OCS suppliers
  • 24/7 Service Hotline North America
  • International sales and service network (Korea, Japan, Europe)







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