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Sterner Automation Delivers Single Station RF Capability

Radio frequency (RF) technology can be found in a growing number of today's automotive and consumer electronics applications, including keyless entry modules, tire pressure monitoring systems and remote control modules. The use of RF transmitters and receivers in these products means that an integrated testing solution is required to ensure full functionality and quality. Sterner Automation provides systems to meet these specialized requirements including our RF integrated test station (ITS). This all-in-one solution streamlines operator interaction and allows manufacturers to not only fully test RF functionality, but also to scan barcodes, program and configure individual modules, test all I/O and modes of operation, as well as accurately label products and transmit test results.

The Sterner RF ITS Efficiently Tests and Programs Multiple DUTs

  • Sterner's automated test management system, combined with integrated RF technology modules, provides full functionality, including:
    • Apply power to the device under test (DUT)
    • Read and write blocks of data to set up and validate product EEPROM using a hard-wired communications interface
    • Scan transmitting devices or traveller barcodes and write the information to the DUT (the "sign-up process")
    • Inject an RF signal of known frequency and power level to test receiver sensitivity
    • Perform a receiver bandwidth audit test (RBAT) to determine bandwidth sensitivity
    • Verify the response of the DUT to data transmitted using an RF signal that has been coded using amplitude-shift-keying (ASK), frequency-shift-keying (FSK) or other methods
    • Log and communicate test data for each test
  • High quality -100 dB shielded enclosure ensures the DUT is accurately tested and programmed without external signal interference
  • Universal fixture with integrated antenna and exchangeable tooling allows for multiple part operation
  • Compact test station with onboard cabinet and lighting system can be positioned for the most efficient work flow
  • Intuitive PC-based control system and user-friendly touch screen ensures reliable and efficient operation
  • Integrated 2D barcode scanner and label printer, combined with factory information system (FIS) integration, provides full traceability
  • Optional smart bins with pick-to-light system help operators select the right components to kit with the DUT
  • Multi-language compatibility, remote monitoring and 24/7 support meets global corporate requirements

The Sterner RF ITS Provides Zero Defect Capability and Value

  • Improves quality and customer satisfaction by accurately identifying problem products
  • Reduces cycle time by integrating multiple test and programming functions
  • Provides needed testing flexibility by handling different products
  • Minimizes setup, downtime and operator training

This integrated RF station can meet your current and future testing requirements.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation RF solutions into your production process today!








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