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Sterner Automation has been a supplier of calibration and test equipment to the automotive industry for over a decade. Making the electrical connection for the testing of automotive electronics has always been a challenge, and Sterner Automation has developed its own unique style of autoconnect systems. Our design uses precise guidance features that allow direct connection to the seat harness, removing the need for intermediate connections.

The Sterner Automation autoconnect systems include an autoconnect head and pallet blocks. Pallet blocks are mounted onto pallets, providing a docking location for the electrical harness. Features on the autoconnect head guide the system into direct connection with the docked harness. Typical autoconnect systems include a pallet electrical box and pallet cable, increasing the number of connections and the cost of the pallet.

Sterner Automation autoconnect systems reduce the number of connections and parts needed to make the connection, therebye increasing reliability and reducing costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Pallet costs are reduced by eliminating harness and pallet electrical junction box
  • Maintenance and down time are reduced
    • Less parts, less to go wrong
  • Connections are designed and tested to be repeatable
    • Precision guidance features in both the X and Y axis
    • Designs are mounted on fixtures and repeatedly cycled
    • Connectivity is verified on every cycle
  • Large library of designs assist in manufacturability and reduce engineering
  • Harsh environments are accommodated with
    • High flex wire with strain relief,
    • Shielded cable for signal wires,
    • Rapid replaceable parts


The Sterner Automation Advantage

  • Millions of production floor cycles on Sterner Automation autoconnect systems
  • Years of seat connection design experience and able to deal with complex mates
  • Industry leader in the most difficult EOL test area, vehicle BUS communication


Sterner Automation autoconnect systems reduce maintenance,  spare parts and down time.







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