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Providing Integrated Error Proofing at the Production Line Level

Just-in-time production line management and growing product complexity are placing greater demands on assemblers and their ability to maintain product quality. Sterner Automation is pleased to offer the igentic® 551i multi-station error proofing system designed for manual component assembly and box build requirements. The igentic® 551i provides the process intelligence, assembly logic, and part verification needed to correctly guide your assemblers through individual steps, ensuring a consistent quality build and greater production efficiencies.

The igentic® 551i Provides Multi-Station Assembly Capabilities

  • Simple to retrieve transactional work instructions (TWI), featuring error-proofing logic, guarantee assembly steps are completed in sequence and correct torque values are applied
  • Encoder feed-back from the precision positioning arm ensures that the location is correct before energizing the power screwdriver
  • Real time visual position feedback and a unique pictorial instruction format allow operators to follow each step efficiently
  • Screwdriver interface tooling allows for vertical or horizontal screw insertion
  • Tool bit nests with sensor recognition and lighted indicators identify the correct bit for each process step
  • Pick-to-light identification system and pick sensors verify that the correct part has been selected
  • Adjustable bin or tray modules positioned above the conveyor provide ergonomic access
  • Simple to use foot pedal ensures efficient operator navigation without conveyor interference
  • Convenience rack system with quick disconnects allows for flexible positioning of modular system components
  • Pallet targets and specialized software tools ensure the system can compensate for individual pallet misalignment
  • Advanced software management utilizes colour-coded pictorial templates and teaching capabilities to rapidly program multi-station instruction sets
  • Part barcode scanning and operator identification provide product traceability
  • Multi-language compatibility meets global corporate requirements

The igentic® 551i Increases Quality and Product Throughput

  • Ensures sequential and accurate assembly
  • Improves efficiencies by applying standardized station-to-station assembly methodology
  • Minimizes expensive scrap and rework costs
  • Facilitates just-in-time and single piece builds
  • Reduces product changeover and assembler training time
  • Maximizes first pass yields and profitability

This intelligent production line system can deliver the process controls needed to meet global quality standards.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation igentic® solutions into your production process today!



Mechanical Systems

  • Compact station design with industry standard modular rack system
  • Vertical bin modules with integrated pick sensors and LEDs
    • Configured for 3, 6 or 9 standard bins -- maximum dimensions 75 mm (3”) high x 125 mm (5”) wide x 175 mm (7”) long
  • Vertical tray modules with integrated pick sensors and LEDs
    • Configured for 3 part trays – maximum dimensions 50 mm (2”) high x 330 mm (13”) wide x 405 mm (16”) deep
  • Assembly arm is programmable to ± 3 mm (0.125”) of target centre and integrates with standard power screwdrivers from most major suppliers
  • Tooling is supplied to hold and rotate the power screwdriver 90°
  • 3-slot tool changer with integrated sensor and pick light –12 mm (0.5”) maximum tool diameter


Electrical Systems

  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • Small footprint control PC
  • 19” monitor, trackball and foot pedal included as standard
  • Retro reflective pick-to-light sensors with integrated LEDs
  • 1-D barcode scanner
  • Designed to CSA and OSHA safety standards
  • Electrical approvals (CEC, NEC)


Software Systems

  • Windows XP
  • 10/100 MB Ethernet
  • Software includes a built in process sequence editor with the following capability:
    • Import process sequences from PowerPoint presentations
    • Create and edit process sequences on-line or off-line


Service Support

  • All equipment and software is programmed and tested prior to shipment
  • Electronic operator manual and instructions are included for reference
  • 24-7 emergency service hotline ensures maximum support


Interface requirements

  • Power requirement – 100-240 VAC, 15 A, 50-60 Hz
  • Factory unlubricated dry air – 5.5 bar (80 psi)



  • 2-D barcode scanners
  • Additional tool changer modules
  • Torque verification screwdriver systems to meet customer specifications
  • Automated fastener feed systems to meet customer specification
  • AutoCAD software integration module for preprogrammed position download

Stand alone quality control station with integrated vision inspection for label and component verification







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