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Sterner Automation's Dedicated Portable Testers
Meet the Challenge

Automotive plant environments place a heavy demand on electronic instruments and test devices. Sterner Automation has developed plant-ready test solutions for applications such as occupant classification systems (OCS), including our well-proven portable diagnostic tester (PDT). The Sterner PDT is customizable to technology-specific programs and was engineered to provide our global customers with the capability to immediately monitor, assess, and process data related to electronic control units (ECU).

The Sterner PDT Provides Immediate On-site Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Self-contained diagnostic unit requires no interface with laptops or other devices
  • Specially designed enclosure features a carrying handle and standardized connectors built to withstand the rigours of regular plant use
  • All ECU communication and input/output signal lines are resistant to power and ground shorts
  • Multi-source power-up capabilities include AC adapter, car adapter, and extended life battery
  • User-friendly LCD colour touch screen supports multi-level security including user, technician and engineer
  • Allows access to the ECU variables through memory or tag (PID, DID messages)
  • Robust communication, product emulation and diagnostics provide full functionality
  • Tests, emulates and performs data acquisition for ratio-metric, voltage and current output sensors including pressure sensors, belt tension sensors (BTS), seat belt buckle switches (SBBS) and seat track position sensors (STPS)
  • Provides the capability to customize test process sequences and perform custom test calculations and algorithms
  • Sterner Automation's proprietary vehicle electronic serial interface (VESI) supports all major automotive communication protocols
  • Remote access, using telephone modem or internet, provides immediate diagnosis and software updates
  • User-friendly USB port application allows for local software upgrades and traceability data transfer
  • Standard or custom designed cables are available to support multiple vehicle programs

The Sterner PDT is a Cost Effective Solution

  • Reduces costs by providing a single source integrated test solution
  • Simplifies test diagnostics with an intuitive user interface
  • Maintains production efficiency with remote diagnostics and 24-7 service support
  • Adapts to required product upgrades and program changes
  • Minimizes test setup time and individual product training

This fully integrated rugged instrument can meet the demands of your plant environment.

Sharpen your competitive edge by integrating Sterner Automation solutions into your production process today!



Mechanical Systems


·         Heavy-duty

·         Durable powder coat finish

·         Carrying handle

Form Factor

·         Compact 3 U with carrying handle


Electrical Systems


·         13.2 VDC vehicle power or 24 VDC power from the supplied desktop power supply

Supplied Power Adapter

·         100 to 240 VAC

·         47 to 63 Hz

·         3.5 A


·         Built-in

·         Sealed lead-acid

·         10 V

·         12 Ah


Processing Hardware


·         Intel Pentium-MMX 266 MHz


·         128 MB SDRAM

Hard Disk

·         40 GB


·         56 kbps


·         1 × 10/100 Mbps


Software Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Symantec PCAnywhere remote access utility 


Vehicle Communication Protocols

  • Dual wire and single wire CAN
  • UART
  • Class 2/J1850 (VPW)
  • LIN
  • Keyword 2000



  • Voltage and current inputs
  • Voltage and current outputs
  • Software controlled power outputs


External connectors

·         1 - DC power inlet

·         1 - RS-232 serial port

·         1 - RJ-11 modem connector

·         1 - USB 1.1

·         1 - 40-pin circular mil-spec connector for communications and general I/O


Service Support

  • All instrumentation and software are programmed and tested prior to shipment
  • Electronic user manual and instructions are included for reference
  • 24-7 emergency service hotline ensures maximum support



  • Rugged Pelican case for convenient storage and shipping
  • Complete line of Sterner manufactured connectors and cables to support all major programs






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